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There is no such thing as clean once and you're done!

When it comes to carpet care, regular, professional cleanings are the best way to extend your carpet life and keep it looking like new. Manufacturers recommend frequent cleaning to increase the life of your investment, based on the number of inhabitants in your home, whether you have children and pets, and the climate where you live. But regardless of your situation, daily wear and tear is inevitable. Fight back by maintaining a regular cleaning schedule—and you can make a difference.

Carpet is made to hide dirt!

Dirt can burrow deep in the fibers of your carpet. Although you can’t always see it, waiting too long to correct the problem causes long-term damage that may be irreversible. With regular cleaning, you not only get rid of that unseen dirt, dust and sand, but you can address problem areas like spots and spills. 

Regular carpet cleaning removes pollutants!

Regular carpet care also eliminates pollutants and contaminants that affect the quality of your indoor environment. Allergy sufferers especially don’t want to breathe in the unhealthy pollutants that you dragged in from outdoors. So don’t think that carpet care is just a matter of cleaning it once and you’re done. Regular, professional carpet cleanings are necessary for cleaner, healthier air and to increase the carpet life in your home. 

We recommend cleaning your carpet every six to 12 months depending on the activity in your home.

If you have kids, pets and a messy spouse, your cleaning schedule may be every 3 months. If you live alone and have no pets, you could possibly go 18 months between cleaning (although not recommended. Your carpet is a giant air cleaner for your home. Clean it often and breath better!

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6 steps to beautiful carpet

At Clean MAX USA, we want your carpet to look its best 365 days of the year. That’s why we’re sharing these carpet care tips to help you maintain your carpet until our next visit. Following these tips will not only help to keep your carpet looking its best, but it will help to extend the life of your carpet and increase the amount of time between regular, professional carpet cleanings.