carpet repairs and stretching

carpet re-stretching
carpet repairs
carpet repair

Is your carpet wrinkled or buckled?

We can stretch it out and make it look beautiful again. Carpet Repairs in Lincoln. Carpet Stretching in Lincoln. Carpet Stretching in Roseville.

Carpet Patching
Carpet repairs
Carpet repair
Pet damage
Hole in carpet repaired

Got holes in your carpet?

Our expert carpet repair technicians can fix most carpet damage caused by pets, kids and messy spouses!

carpet re-stretching
carpet repairs
carpet repair

Does your carpet need to be smoothed out?!

From a simple patch to a whole room install, our experts can do the job right!

Carpet repairs

Types of Carpet Repairs

  • Repair loose seams
  • Patch burns or color loss areas
  • Re-stretch carpet
  • Remove carpet wrinkles or buckles
  • Hide cables or wires
  • Repair frayed areas caused by pets
  • Repair transitions
  • Install tackless
  • Re-tuck loose or frayed carpet edges near tile or wood floors
  • Carpet Installation
  • Replace carpet pad
  • Install carpet pad
  • Minor water damage repair


Specialty Color Stain Removal 

Red, Yellow, Green, etc... Most Color Stains CAN be Removed or patched.


Most Carpet Repairs come with a 12 Month Guarantee (Unmatched by any other company in our industry!)