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Vacuumed controlled pressure washing. Tile and grout cleaning in Roseville.


Travertine and Marble will be beautiful again!


Keep stains out! We know the seal has nothing to do with sealing your grout and stone... but isn't he cute?!

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Grout Repairs

Loose or missing grout? We can fill in the gaps! We offer minor grout repairs. Caulking and replacing caulking around sinks, bathtubs and showers available.

Why cleaning your own grout never works out...

Are you still trying to clean your TILE & GROUT with harsh cleaning agents, bleach, a small steam machine and little scrub brushes? And after all that hard work…. your grout still looks dirty? Or a few weeks later your grout lines look like you never cleaned them?

Here's why...

Grout is basically concrete and absorbs just about any liquid that is spilled on it. Unless you have a pressure washer that can be used indoors and rinse away all the grease and food. The grout will only stay looking clean for a very short period. Your Google search concocktion most of the time will leave a heavy residue or white substance on the surface of the grout and quickly will look dirty once all of that product is washed or vacuumed off. 

Hire a pro to clean your grout...

Clean MAX USA employees are expert floor cleaning technicians. We take pride in having the most up to date cleaning techniques and equipment. With no exceptions with our Tile, Grout and Stone cleaning process. It is the most advanced possible. To power our Vacuumed Controlled Pressure Wash process, we use TRUCK MOUNTED COMPLETELY SELF CONTAINED HOT WATER EXTRACTION Units. Each truck has it's own soft water system. This helps us use less cleaning agents and allows the process to be chemical free on the final rinse. Your flooring, counters, showers and other hard surfaces will look and feel new again! And stay clean longer.

Free Demo

Hiring a tile and grout cleaning expert can be confusing and a little scary! To help ease the process, we offer free on-site job quotes and cleaning demos. If your job is on the smaller side, we will send a technician to do the work the same day, if your job is on the larger side, we will send a professional quote Sales Technician.

Grout Sealing and Color Sealing

We offer grout sealing and color sealing. Ask your technician about what option is best for your home or business.

Travertine and Marble Polish

Check out this great video

We specialize in cleaning, sealing, honing, polishing and repairing Travertine and Marble.

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