Video Travertine and Marble polish

Quick video showing Marble and Travertine Polishing

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Our vacuum controlled pressure wash system will make your tired floors look beautiful again. Grout lines restored and clean. Our process is powerful enough to remove those dark areas in the grout, yet gentle enough to not harm your precious natural stone.

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polish marble
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Travertine and Marble are a soft stone and over time can develop surface scratches that will make your floors look dull and dirty. Our three step diamond polish will breathe life back into your tired floors and help them shine again.

Sealing Natural Stone Clean MAX USA
Sealing travertine
sealing marble


We use a professional grade sealer for all our tile and grout protection. Our sealers with absorb into the stone and grout, giving it a great protection without changing the color or appearance of your expensive flooring. Not all sealed stone will bead-up like the picture to the left. We never recommend applying an external sealer, such as epoxy or urethane coatings.

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Natural stone is everywhere in your home. From your floors to the wall and counters, we can clean, seal, repair and polish.


We maintain and restore your natural stone areas. From counters to the floors, we can clean, seal, polish and repair.